Twist in Guwahati abduction case, children deny kidnapping

Guwahati: In a complete plot twist concerning the abduction of the two children from Guwahati, both children have stated that they were not kidnapped as reported by their father and that they went to Bihar willingly.

In a video, the daughter alleged that her father had been lying all the while when in reality, he has been torturing her as well as her younger brother for days now.

She said that after the separation of their parents, her stepmother has been torturing both the children. She said that all the seniors in the family have been harassing them.

Meanwhile, the two siblings will be brought back to Guwahati from Bihar’s Kishanganj today. The police had rescued both children on Saturday and also detained one person in connection to the case.

As per inputs, a person identified as Ibrahim Ali took both the kids to Bihar. They were later rescued on a New Delhi-bound train.

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