Assam: Villagers, NGO help flood-ravaged family in daughter’s wedding

Guwahati: A village and an NGO in Assam’s Darrang district have come forward for the wedding of a daughter of a flood-ravaged family.

The villagers and NGO members have extended all support, and help to the family to smoothly conduct the wedding ceremony of their daughter.

The recent flood had devastated Barthekerabari village near Mangaldoi in the Darrang district.

The wedding of Dipandita Bora, a girl from that village was scheduled earlier but the devastating flood destroyed everything, and now her family was confused about how to hold the wedding.

On Monday, Dipandita’s wedding was held in presence of the local villagers and the members of the NGO.

“My family was worried about my wedding because the entire village was badly affected by the devastating flood. But the local villagers and the NGO have come forward to help us. On July 1, they came to our house and finalized the wedding function to be held today. There were about 4-5 feet of water inside our house. We returned to our home five days back. Our home was damaged in flood and there was no place to live and we were staying in other villager’s house in last five days. Today we did a little repair to our house,” Dipandita Bora said.

These humanitarians spent everything from the banquet to the wedding. The bride and her family thanked the people and the humanitarian organization for their support. 

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