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Assam Engineering College issues new rules for hostel boarders

After the horrific accident in Guwahati’s Jalukbari area where seven students of Assam Engineering College (AEC) lost their lives, the college authorities on Tuesday (May 30) issued new set of strict rules for hostel boarders.

Here are the new rules of AEC Hostel Borders:

1. Strict enforcement of existing rules and regulations to maintain discipline at the hostel/campus. A charter of rules for hostel boarders will be reissued after due consultation with all stakeholders.

2. To maintain attendance, leave, entry & exit time of boarders.

3. Surveillance Teams would be formed to check if any boarder is absent from the hostel without permission from the authority. Disciplinary action will be initiated for such absence with intimation to the parents.

4. Regular checking of the hostels for presence of unauthorised persons, contraband items would be done.

5. Prohibition of consumption of alcohol/drugs inside the hostels/campus. If anyone found involved will be expelled from the hostel/college and will be handed over to the police.

6. The meeting of the Hostel Management Committee is to be convened at least two times a month. The Hostel Management Committee is to be further strengthened and further details, are required for the security of all concerned to be made.

7. Revival of CCTV surveillance of the Hostel may be done.

8. Motorcycles, bike or car are not allowed to park in the hostel/college campus by boarders of the hostels for regular use by any boarder/student of AEC.

9. Police administration is authorised to pick up any boarder of Hostels found outside the campus beyond permissible time & without permission letter. The police administration will hand over such boarders of hostels to the college.

10. Issue of Boundary Wall with gates around each hostel and campus will be planned in consultation with all stakeholders and Government.

11. Selling of Alcohol/drugs in and around AEC Campus will be eliminated with the support of Police administration

12. Any other measures needed for the safety and security of the students/hostel boarders and all other concerned.

Violations of the above rules will invite disciplinary actions with bad remarks in the pass certificate.

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