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Assam, Meghalaya to Make Joint Visit to ‘Sensitive’ Border Areas

Shillong, May 16: Chief Minister, Conrad K. Sangma on Tuesday informed that there will be joint visit of both the Meghalaya Government and the Assam Government to sensitive zones along the inter-state boundary.

The joint visit will take place at a time when tension is brewing between Khasi-Pnar and Karbi populations in the Khanduli area in West Jaintia Hills.

Talking to reporters, Chief Minister Sangma said that the two governments were likely to meet in a couple of weeks and definitely before the month’s end.

“We have also decided together that a joint visit will be made especially to these sensitive zones to build up the confidence of the people. We would also ensure that we ask our respective administrations, respective citizens and respective areas and officials concerned to restrain from any kind of action that could lead to situations getting tense,” Sangma said.

He further clarified that the joint visits would be to certain sensitive locations.

When asked if these frequent skirmishes in the border villages along the inter-State boundary will affect the second phase of the peace talks, Chief Minister said that for the last 50 years, these things had been going on.

“What we need to understand is that the reason the border talks are going on is precisely so that these kinds of incidents don’t occur,” he said.

Stating that these kinds of incidents are happening because there are areas of differences, Sangma said that they have realized it is even more important to now try and find a solution at the earliest so that no such incident happens in the future.

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