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Rapid response units formed for mitigating human-elephant conflict in Assam

Aaranyak, a biodiversity conservation organisation, has formed seven Rapid Response Units (RRUs) at the local level in some of the Human Elephant Conflict (HEC) affected areas of eastern Assam districts of Majuli, Jorhat, Sivasagar, and Tinsukia in order to strengthen efforts for mitigation of Human Elephant Conflict and foster much-needed coexistence through community involvement.

These units were established by Aaranyak and the British Asian Trust in collaboration with the Assam Forest Department and with assistance from the Darwin Initiative.

All of the RRUs were established by Aaranyak after thorough community discussions during the first week of July 2023, according to an ANI report. 

The RRUs, which are made up of community members, will act as an early warning system to reduce HEC and are therefore anticipated to considerably aid in promoting coexistence in areas of high conflict.

The RRUs will keep an eye on elephant activity and alert adjacent communities through WhatsApp, acting as a mechanism for community security.

Following consultations with several community representatives from HEC-affected villages, including Jaborshuk Kathoni, Jaborshuk Bosa, Gazera, Anaishuk, Kangmili, Saurukiya, and Haladhibari in the presence of Aaranyaks officials, the first RRU was established at Ujoni Majuli area in the river island district of Majuli on July 5, the report said. The RRU has received the permission of 58 members of the community. 

On July 6, twenty-four locals joined the second RRU in the Lebangkola centre in the Dihing Patkai village of Dibrugarh.

The Aaranyak team also established two RRUs on July 7. 23 people were chosen from Charaguwa, Charaguwa grant, and Samarajan villages for one at the Charagua LP School in Chatragua grant in the Sivasasgar district. 

(A Rapid Response Unit pose for a group photo. | Image: ANI)

Another one is in Sivasagar district’s Majumelia village, where it includes 14 locals from Majumelia, Demowmukh Mising gaon, and Gohaingaon villages. 

Similar to this, Aaranyak established two RRUs on July 8. Following community meetings, 35 locals from Sagunpora village in the Jorhat district joined the RRU at the Sagunpora LP School.

To coordinate with numerous stakeholders and the Aaranyak core team, each RRU has a designated spokesperson.

Aaranyak’s research official Rubul Tanti also educated the locals about the effects of HEC on both humans and elephants in HEC-affected regions and stressed the significance of proactive RRUs in conflict mitigation to promote coexistence.

The process also included participation from the local champions Manoj Chetia, Bidya Borborah, Sunil Taye, and Makhan Kalit.

Community members who have received training from Aaranyak’s staff to assist project operations in the project villages are known as village champions. 

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