Flood situation in Assam’s Morigaon remains critical, nearly 45,000 people affected

The flood situation in Assam’s Morigaon district remains critical, as nearly 45,000 people in the district have been affected by the current wave of flooding.

At least 105 villages in the district have been affected by the deluge.

The flood waters have submerged more than 3059 hectares of crop area in Morigaon district.

Many people have now taken shelter on roads by making temporary sheds after the flood waters inundated their homes.

Premchand Mandal, a youth from the Kachasila area under the Mayong revenue circle, told ANI that they are facing many problems.

“The water level of the Brahmaputra River is continuing to rise, and flood waters submerged our house also. There are around 100 families in this area that have been affected by the floods. Earlier, the Brahmaputra River had swallowed our home and everything else. Our original home is now in the middle of the river. We have lost everything. We are now living on this embankment,” Premchand Mandal said.

Birbal Mandal, another resident of the Kachasila area, said that last year, due to Brahmaputra river erosion, he lost his home and land, and now again, a devastating flood has damaged his property.

“Last year, I lost my home and land due to river erosion. Now we are also facing problems due to the flood. Our 7-member family is now residing on this embankment. The flood also damaged my crops and vegetables. In the past, the river swallowed many villages like Teteliguri, Kachaghula, Murkata, Jaljali, and Puthimari in this area. There are lots of problems faced by the villagers,” Birbal Mandal said.

According to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), nearly 3000 hectares of crop area in the Mayong revenue circle is currently underwater.

Akram Ali, a resident of the Barmaripathar Sildubi area, said that around 10,000–15,000 people in his locality were affected by the flood.

“Due to the flood, the people have now been forced to live on the road along with their livestock. Most flood-affected people are now facing problems related to food. Patuguri, Sildubi, Bormaripathar, Sidhaguri, and Morsutitup, like many villages in this area, have been affected by this current flood. My home is now underwater, and I and my family are now living on the road. We urge the government to help us,” Akram Ali said.

On the other hand, the overall flood situation in Assam remains critical, as nearly 3.41 lakh people in 22 districts have been affected by the deluge.

According to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), 818 villages under 52 revenue circles have been affected and nearly 22,000 hectares of crop area have been submerged by flood waters.

The district administration has set up 153 relief camps and relief distribution centres in the affected areas.

Assam Agriculture Minister Atul Bora told ANI that the state government will extend all support to the affected farmers.

“Till today, the flood waters have submerged around 22,000 hectares of crop area across the state. We had a community nursery in each district of the state so that farmers could get alternative crops. Our government is committed to helping our farmers. Earlier, affected farmers didn’t get anything from the government, but our government has given compensation to the farmers for the damage. We are coordinating with all districts,” Atul Bora said. 

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