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World Lion Day 2023: ‘Steady rise in lion population in India in last few years,’ says PM Modi

World Lion Day is celebrated on August 10 every year. PM Narendra Modi shared on X (formerly twitter) that World Lion Day provided an opportunity to celebrate the magnificent lions that capture our admiration with their strength and magnificence. 

He mentioned that India felt proud to be the home of the Asiatic Lions, and highlighted that there had been a consistent rise in the lion population in India over recent years. PM Modi applauded the individuals and groups working tirelessly to protect the lions’ habitats. He expressed the hope that the efforts to cherish and safeguard these creatures would continue, ensuring their thriving existence for generations to come.

The purpose of Lion Day is to create awareness about the majestic hunter, the ultimate feline, often referred to as the king of the jungle. Lions, scientifically known as Panthera leo, rank as the second-largest cat species globally, with the Asian tiger taking the lead and weigh between 300 and 550 pounds.


The history of World Lion Day traces back to its founding by Big Cat Rescue, the largest accredited sanctuary dedicated to big cats worldwide. August 10th is a day when people globally unite to honour the mighty lion through various means. Despite the festive nature of the occasion, it’s built upon a serious concern: the lion population has significantly declined, necessitating their inclusion on the endangered species list, similar to their larger relative, the tiger.

Co-founders Dereck and Beverly Joubert, a couple deeply passionate about big cats, conceived World Lion Day in 2013. They brought together National Geographic and the Big Cat Initiative under a single umbrella to safeguard the remaining big cats thriving in their natural habitats.

Three million years ago, lions roamed freely across Africa and the Eurasian supercontinent. However, shifts in the natural environment and multiple ice ages have confined their range mainly to Africa and specific parts of Asia.


According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, lions are classified as a “vulnerable” species, indicating that their numbers could and should be higher. Current estimates by researchers suggest that there are 30,000 to 100,000 lions remaining on Earth. Without significant intervention, there’s a risk that they could join the list of endangered species alongside other creatures most at risk of extinction. While humans and sizable species like lions can coexist harmoniously, this balance can only be achieved through a comprehensive understanding of how to cohabit effectively.


World Lion Day encompasses three primary objectives. The initial goal is to increase awareness about the challenges confronting lions and the various issues the species encounters in its natural habitat. The second objective revolves around identifying strategies to safeguard the expansive territory of these magnificent creatures, which includes initiatives like establishing additional national parks and minimizing human settlement areas. Lastly, the third objective involves enlightening individuals residing in proximity to wild feline populations about potential hazards and methods to ensure their protection.

Lion population in India

The global count of wild lions has experienced a significant decline, with the sole exception being the African continent. Nevertheless, lions have found a natural habitat in India, resulting in a consistent rise in their population within the nation, particularly in the Gir Forest. This forest serves as the second-largest habitat for these majestic creatures outside of Africa. The population of Asiatic lions has steadily grown in Gujarat’s Gir forest and the broader Saurashtra protected area. The lion population escalated from 523 to 674 individuals between the years 2015 and 2020. Since the year 2016, the Forest Department of the Gujarat government has been actively celebrating World Lion Day.

Gujarat’s Chief Minister Patel will inaugurate various initiatives today. The Chief Minister will unveil a Lion Anthem and introduce the Sinh Suchna Web App. Additionally, two books titled “The King of the Jungle – The Asiatic Lions of Gir” and “Hu Gujarat no Sinh” will be launched. Patel will deliver an address via video conference from Gandhinagar on this occasion. The State government announced that the commemoration of World Lion Day will extend to more than 7,000 schools and colleges across 10 districts and 74 talukas that are encompassed within the Asiatic Lions landscape. School children will don lion masks and participate in rallies, while educational institutions will feature speeches focusing on lions today. 

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