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NIT Silchar appoints Prof Brinda Bhowmick as new Dean (Academic)

In a major and crucial development, the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Silchar on Saturday appointed Prof. Brinda Bhowmick, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (Academics) with immediate effect from Monday, September 25th.

“As per clause 19 of First Statutes under NIT Act, 2007, Prof. Brinda Bhowmick, Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is hereby nominated as Dean (Academic) we.f25.09.2023,” an official order from the institute read.

The move comes after strong demand from the students to remove Dr. BK Roy as Dean of Academics because the students held him responsible for the death of a fellow student, Koj Buker, who died by suicide, as he allegedly did not get any help or positive response from Dean Roy with regard to some problems he was facing with his studies.

As per the official order, Prof. Brinda Bhowmick will serve as the Dean (Academics) for a period of 2 years from the date of taking over the charges or until further orders.

As per information, Koj the student who committed suicide had gone to meet Dean Roy but was refused an audience. This apparently further hurt and disturbed Koj, resulting in him ending his life in his hostel room.

Kin’s suicide triggered massive protests. First, the students went to the former dean’s residence and held him and his family hostage.

After that, the student NIT sat on an indefinite hunger strike, demanding the removal of Dean Roy from the position of dean

On Friday night, the director of the institute Prof Dilip Kumar Baidya had assured the students to respond to their demands and urged them to end their protest.

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