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License of 14 Patanjali products cancelled, Check details here

The Uttarakhand licencing authority on Monday suspended licences of 14 Patanjali products with immediate effect for repeatedly publishing misleading advertisements about their efficacy.

In an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court, the licencing body said that it had suspended licenses of 14 products manufactured by Patanjali’s Divya Pharmacy in connection with the misleading advertisements case.

The regulator’s order cites violations of the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act and the Drugs and Cosmetic Act due to misleading advertising practices.

The case relates to the Indian Medical Association’s allegations that Ramdev’s Patanjali disparages conventional medicines and continues publishing misleading ads despite a court directive to stop them.

The action has been taken under Rule 159(1) of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945, for repeated violations under the said Acts and Rules. The order was also marked to the Drug Inspector and District Ayurvedic and Unani Officer, Haridwar to ensure to ensure strict compliance.

The list of 14 products banned in Uttarakhand include-

1              Swasari Gold

2              Swasari Vati

3              Bronchom

4              Swasari Pravahi

5              Swasari Avaleh

6              Mukta Vati Extra Power

7              Lipidom

8              Bp Grit

9              Madhugrit

10           Madhunashini Vati Extra Power

11           Livamrit Advance

12           Livogrit

13           Eyegrit Gold

14           Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop

During the last hearing on April 23, the Supreme Court had pulled up Patanjali for not displaying their apology “prominently” in newspapers. The court had asked if the size of the apology put out in newspapers by Patanjali was similar to full-page advertisements for its products. Patanjali had said it had published an apology in 67 newspapers, asserting it had the utmost respect for the court and their mistakes would not be repeated.

After the court’s order, Patanjali published another apology in newspapers, which was bigger than the previous apology.

Prior to that, Baba Ramdev and Balkrishna had tendered an “unconditional and unqualified apology” before the top court over advertisements issued by the firm, making high claims about the efficiency of its products like Coronil during the pandemic.

The top court had directed Patanjali to stop advertisements of its products that it claimed to treat ailments and disorders specified in the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954, in November 2023, during the hearing of a plea filed by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) seeking action against Ramdev for criticising modern medicine.

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