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Flood leaves Assam roads dilapidated state

Guwahati: While the flood scenario in Assam may have improved, the condition of roads in many parts of the state continues to be dilapidated state.

With floods and landslides ravaging most parts of Assam recently, roads in West Karbi Anglong district continue to be in a dilapidated condition.

One such road is the road from Longre to Ronko in Soseng constituency which is in a dilapidated state for a stretch of 10 kilometers. And this is a situation the locals have been facing for several years now.

Every year during the monsoons, the road condition deteriorates and it remains so for the most part of the year making life difficult for the people. Several MLAs have come and gone and promised to repair the road.

However, nothing has been done yet. Today morning locals gathered in large numbers along with laborers and JCB machines to begin the repairing of the road out of their own pockets.

The locals expressed unhappiness at the lackadaisical attitude of the local representatives towards their plight.

With elections due to take place at the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Councils, many people out of anger have stated that they won’t be casting their votes in protest against the authorities.

And the problem of erosion is plaguing other parts of Assam as well. Several parts of the state are plagued with erosion in areas by rivers making life difficult for people.

The continued apathy by authorities to many such erosion spots has forced the people to take matters into their own hands.

People came out in large numbers to Kachumara area of Nagarbera to mend the embankment to tackle the heavy erosion caused by the raging waters of the Brahmaputra. They arrived at the erosion site with tools and cudgels and went about repairing the embankment themselves to save their homes from erosion.

With large tracts of land already gobbled up by the Brahmaputra, people are taking matters into their own hands after authorities have turned a blind eye to their plight.

Meanwhile, heavy erosion is also being caused by the Kawadonga river at Borjhar in Kalaigaon. Large tracts of human habitat have already been gobbled up by the river due to heavy erosion.

With no response from authorities to their plight, people are facing a big dilemma over saving their homes from erosion.

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