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Jian Tam’s 3 Life Lessons About Success That He Has Never Shared Before

Our species has been, as if, put on the conveyor belt of change. No matter where you turn, a relic from the past or a time-honored tradition is being stripped to pieces. The air itself is charged with something as if a piece of this puzzle called life that was yet asleep has now stirred out of its sleep. Human beings, more than ever, are in need of good counsel. The friends we need are those who speak honestly. Thanks to the internet, these friends can be found all over the world. One such person is Jian Tam. In this article, he shares 3 life lessons about success that nobody will disclose. Let’s hear him out. 

Success is not about achievement; it’s about maintenance

 Jian Tam believes that for most people, “success is the main goal. They become so hyper-focused in their pursuit that they don’t know what to do with it once they achieve it. This is quite the reason why many celebrities contribute to their own downfall if they achieve success early in life. What looked like a warm, glowing light from a distance turns into a ball of lava that they can neither hold nor put down. Therefore, for me, the real goal is maintaining success. It’s a strategic process that, although it takes time, tends to last longer. And that is what you really want. You don’t want to just become successful. You want to stay successful.” 

Success isn’t about money or fame 

“When you ask a rich and famous person what it’s all for, their answers are generally limited to family, peace of mind, worthiness, and satisfaction,” Jian Tam explains. He further adds, “Money and fame isn’t the end goal for any one of them. Money and even fame are means to get to a better place in their minds and hearts. Once you understand that the purpose of life isn’t to earn money but to find yourself, money and fame will become elements of a bigger picture.”  

Aim for wholistic success 

Jian Tam laments how the word success has been limited in its meaning towards consumption and ownership. He says, “Success is not limited to one thing. To live a fulfilling, meaningful life, success must be the backbone of all activities. Right from how you conduct yourself or express yourself or treat people, you can achieve success in all these aspects.”  Jian Tam’s definition of success is refreshing. Hope it revived you. 

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