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Bihu reaches New York Times Square 

Assam’s traditional Bihu dance has now reached New York’s Times Square with popular Assamese singer Papon’s latest release – “Ibassi.”

Papon, aka Angaraag Mahanta, took to social media to share the proud moment of representing the people of Assam through their rich culture in the global stage.

He captioned, “New York! We were in NYC, and this happened! It was quite cool! 😍 And evencooler,t we were in New York when #iBaasi launched! Have you heard #iBaasi yet? Go listen and dance it out!🕺🏽💃🏽 It’s a first of it’s kind!”

Ibaasi is an Afro-Bihu fusion song sung by Assamese singer Papon and Nigerian singer Niniola Apata. The unique song features Bihu dancers grooving to the sound of modern musical instruments along with traditional Dhol and Pepa.

Currently, Ibassi has been trending at number 28 on YouTube and has received immense love from the audience. The Afro-Bihu fusion has truly glorified the beauty of both cultures.

Earlier, the versatile singer and songwriter released his first Hindi Single in over a decade, ‘Ab Rukna Mat.’ 

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